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Learn Everyday English Advanced


About this Course

“Everyday English Advanced” is tailored for learners aiming to achieve near-native fluency in English. This course is perfect for those who already have a strong grasp of English and wish to polish their skills in complex and nuanced communication. It focuses on advanced conversational techniques, idiomatic expressions, and sophisticated grammatical structures, enabling learners to navigate challenging professional, academic, and social situations with ease.

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Communicate with near-native proficiency in diverse contexts
  • Master advanced grammatical structures and idiomatic expressions
  • Develop a rich and varied advanced English vocabulary
  • Enhance critical listening and persuasive speaking abilities


TopicGrammarFunctionVocabulary Categories
Expert ConversationsSubjunctive in dependent clausesComplex argumentation and negotiationsSpecialized idioms and expressions
Executive and ManagementEllipsis and substitutionHigh-level business discussionsCorporate strategy, management theories
Specialized Health TopicsParenthetical expressionsDiscussing specialized medical researchAdvanced medical terminology
Global AffairsComplex sentence structuresDiscussing geopolitics and global issuesInternational relations, geopolitics
Scholarly WritingAcademic phrasesAcademic writing and presentationsScholarly language, research terms
Cutting-edge TechnologyCohesion and coherenceDiscussing emerging technologiesEmerging tech terms, cybersecurity
Extreme Sports and LeisureIrony and sarcasmDiscussing extreme activitiesExtreme sports terminology, risk assessment
Haute CuisineNominalizationDescribing and critiquing high-end cuisineCulinary arts terms, food criticism
High-end FashionAntithesisDiscussing fashion at a professional levelHigh fashion terms, industry jargon
Art CriticismStylistic inversionCritiquing and analyzing artArt criticism vocabulary, styles and periods
Environmental PolicyRhetorical questionsDiscussing advanced environmental policiesPolicy terms, advanced conservation
Life PhilosophyMetaphor and analogyDiscussing philosophies and ideologiesPhilosophical terms, schools of thought
Advanced TransportationConditional sentences (mixed)Discussing the future of transportationSustainable transportation, urban planning
Literary AnalysisAbstract nounsAnalyzing literature and filmLiterary theory, narrative devices
Self-actualizationIdiomatic usageDiscussing personal development at a deep levelSelf-actualization terms, psychology
Human Rights and EthicsDiscourse markersDebating ethical dilemmas and human rightsLegal terms, ethical principles

Final Project

Develop and execute a comprehensive project, such as an in-depth research paper or a series of advanced-level presentations on diverse topics, demonstrating your high-level English proficiency and communication skills.

Course Features

  • Rigorous exercises targeting advanced language skills
  • High-quality audio and video content for immersive learning experiences
  • Comprehensive quizzes and assessments to evaluate advanced competencies
  • A demanding final project that reflects a high degree of English language mastery
  • Available on both mobile and desktop platforms for flexible learning



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Everyday English Elementary FAQ

The Everyday English Elementary course is an excellent choice for beginners over the age of 12. Its content is tailored to be accessible and engaging, making it ideal for individuals starting their English learning journey.

Getting started is simple. Just enroll in the course on our platform,, and you can begin learning immediately at your own pace.

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