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Learn Everyday English Elementary

Master the basics of daily English communication, one of the most essential skills for personal and professional development.

About this course

If you want to become confident in English for everyday situations, from shopping to discussing social issues, try learning with “Everyday English Elementary.” This course is designed for ESL students who wish to engage in clear and effective communication in English, covering a range of essential topics and grammar.

Skills you’ll gain

  • Communicate in everyday situations
  • Understand and use basic English grammar
  • Build your English vocabulary
  • Enhance your listening and speaking skills


16 lessons – 10 quizzes – 16 practice activities

  1. Everyday Conversations Get started with basic greetings and polite requests in English, setting the foundation for smooth daily interactions.
  2. Work and Jobs Learn vocabulary and grammar to discuss professions and describe work-related activities using present continuous tense.
  3. Health and Wellness Give and understand advice on health topics using modal verbs, and expand your vocabulary on health and medicine.
  4. Travel and Holidays Talk about your travel plans and experiences with future simple tense, and learn words essential for vacationing.
  5. School and Education Discuss academic responsibilities and learn phrases using “have to” to express obligation.
  6. Technology Describe past experiences with technology using the Present Perfect tense and expand your tech-related vocabulary.
  7. Hobbies and Interests Express preferences and desires with “would like to” while learning words related to leisure activities.
  8. Food and Eating Out Navigate restaurant conversations and food descriptions with countable and uncountable nouns.
  9. Shopping Make comparisons between items using comparative adjectives, and learn vocabulary for effective shopping communication.
  10. Home and Neighborhood Describe your living space and neighborhood events using prepositions of time.
  11. Weather and Seasons Discuss regular weather patterns using adverbs of frequency and learn season-specific vocabulary.
  12. Time and Routine Talk about your daily schedule and future plans using “going to” for intentions.
  13. Transport Discuss various modes of transportation using object pronouns and learn related terms.
  14. Entertainment and Media Reflect on past entertainment experiences using the Past Simple tense and explore related vocabulary.
  15. Descriptions Use superlative adjectives to make extreme comparisons in descriptions of people, places, and things.
  16. Social Issues Discuss societal obligations using “must” to express necessity, along with learning terms related to social and cultural topics.

Final Project

  • Apply all the language skills you’ve acquired by creating a detailed daily journal for a week.

Course Features

  • Interactive exercises for practical understanding
  • Audio clips for listening comprehension
  • Engaging quizzes to test your progress
  • Final project for real-world application
  • Accessible on mobile and desktop



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Everyday English Elementary FAQ

The Everyday English Elementary course is an excellent choice for beginners over the age of 12. Its content is tailored to be accessible and engaging, making it ideal for individuals starting their English learning journey.

Getting started is simple. Just enroll in the course on our platform,, and you can begin learning immediately at your own pace.

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