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Learn Everyday English Pre-Intermediate

Advance your English skills beyond the basics and start engaging in more complex conversations, an essential step for effective communication in diverse settings.

About this course

“Everyday English Pre-Intermediate” is designed for learners who have a basic grasp of English and are ready to expand their skills. This course focuses on enhancing your ability to engage in more detailed conversations and understand the nuances of the English language, covering a variety of everyday and professional scenarios.

Skills you’ll gain

  • Engage in more detailed and complex conversations
  • Expand your English vocabulary in various contexts
  • Strengthen your understanding of intermediate grammar structures
  • Improve your listening and speaking skills for clearer communication


TopicGrammarFunctionVocabulary Categories
Conversational SkillsQuestion TagsConfirming informationAdvanced social expressions
Work and CareerPresent Perfect ContinuousDiscussing work progress and historyProfessional terms and career paths
Health and Lifestyle“Used to” for past habitsTalking about lifestyle changesNutrition, exercise, lifestyle choices
Travel and ExplorationConditional Sentences (Type 1)Discussing travel plans and possibilitiesModes of travel, destinations
Education and LearningRelative ClausesDescribing academic subjects in detailHigher education, study techniques
Technology and MediaPassive VoiceDescribing how things are doneInternet terms, media formats
Leisure and Hobbies“Wish” for present desiresExpressing wishes and regretsOutdoor and indoor activities
Food and CuisineQuantifiers (some, any, many, few)Describing quantity in foodTypes of cuisine, cooking techniques
Shopping and ServicesReported SpeechRelaying information and requestsCustomer service terms
Home and Environment“There is/are” (questions & negatives)Discussing home features and environmentHome maintenance, environmental terms
Weather and ClimateFuture ContinuousForecasting weatherClimate terms, weather patterns
Time Management“Had better” for adviceGiving time management adviceScheduling, punctuality
TransportationPhrasal VerbsDiscussing different types of transportPublic and private transport options
Arts and EntertainmentPast ContinuousDescribing past events and experiencesArt forms, music genres, entertainment
Personal DescriptionsReflexive PronounsDescribing oneself and one’s actionsPersonality traits, physical appearance
Social and Cultural TopicsModal Verbs (might, could, would)Discussing probabilities and possibilitiesCultural norms, social issues

Final Project

  • Conduct and present a small research project on a topic of your choice, using English to gather information, analyze data, and present your findings.

Course Features

  • Advanced interactive exercises for deeper understanding
  • Audio and video clips for enhanced listening and speaking practice
  • Comprehensive quizzes to assess and reinforce learning
  • Final research project for practical application
  • Accessible on mobile and desktop



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Everyday English Elementary FAQ

The Everyday English Elementary course is an excellent choice for beginners over the age of 12. Its content is tailored to be accessible and engaging, making it ideal for individuals starting their English learning journey.

Getting started is simple. Just enroll in the course on our platform,, and you can begin learning immediately at your own pace.

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