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Learn Everyday English Starter

Embark on your English language journey and build a solid foundation in daily communication, a key skill for everyday interactions and personal growth.

About this course

“Everyday English Starter” is your first step into the world of English. Tailored for beginners, this course offers a gentle introduction to the language, focusing on essential conversational skills and basic grammar for everyday scenarios like meeting new people, shopping, and simple social interactions.

Skills you’ll gain

  • Master basic English sentences and questions
  • Build a fundamental English vocabulary
  • Develop basic listening and pronunciation skills
  • Understand and use simple English grammar


TopicGrammarFunctionVocabulary Categories
GreetingsVerb to be (“am,” “is,” “are”)Saying hello and goodbyeBasic greetings and farewells
IntroductionsSubject PronounsIntroducing oneselfPersonal identification information
NumbersCardinal NumbersCountingBasic numerals (1-100)
FamilyPossessive AdjectivesDescribing familyFamily members and relationships
Daily RoutineSimple Present tenseTalking about daily activitiesActivities and routines
Hobbies“Like + verb-ing”Discussing likes and dislikesCommon hobbies and interests
Food and DrinksArticles (“a,” “an,” “the”)Ordering foodBasic food and drink items
Time and DatesDays of the weekTelling the timeDays of the week, months, and time
Places around TownPrepositions of placeAsking for and giving directionsCommon locations and directions
WeatherAdjectivesDescribing the weatherBasic weather conditions
Shopping“How much” + currencyMaking simple transactionsCommon shopping phrases and items
ClothesColorsDescribing clothesTypes of clothing
ColorsBasic AdjectivesIdentifying colorsBasic color names
Body PartsNounsNaming body partsBasic body parts
Simple Actions“Can” for abilityDiscussing abilitiesCommon actions and movements
Travel“There is/are”Booking tickets, asking about travelBasic travel vocabulary

Final Project

  • Create a simple photo album with captions in English, describing your daily activities or a recent outing.

Course Features

  • Interactive exercises for foundational understanding
  • Audio clips for pronunciation practice
  • Engaging quizzes to track your learning
  • Final project to apply your new skills
  • Accessible on mobile and desktop



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Everyday English Elementary FAQ

The Everyday English Elementary course is an excellent choice for beginners over the age of 12. Its content is tailored to be accessible and engaging, making it ideal for individuals starting their English learning journey.

Getting started is simple. Just enroll in the course on our platform,, and you can begin learning immediately at your own pace.

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