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Learn Everyday English Upper-Intermediate


About this Course

“Everyday English Upper-Intermediate” takes your English abilities to a higher level, focusing on fluent and spontaneous communication in complex scenarios. This course is ideal for learners who are comfortable with intermediate English and are aiming to refine their skills for advanced conversations in both personal and professional environments.

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Engage confidently in advanced English conversations
  • Master complex grammar and nuanced language structures
  • Develop a sophisticated English vocabulary
  • Enhance listening and speaking skills for natural and effective communication


TopicGrammarFunctionVocabulary Categories
Fluent ConversationsInversionEnhancing fluency and articulationIdiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs
Career and LeadershipModal PerfectsDiscussing career goals and leadershipCorporate jargon, leadership skills
Advanced Health TopicsThird ConditionalDiscussing medical studies and findingsMedical specializations, healthcare systems
International TravelMixed ConditionalsDiscussing international travel complexitiesVisa regulations, cultural etiquette
Academic ResearchCleft SentencesAcademic argumentation and debatesResearch methodologies, academic jargon
Advanced TechnologyPassive with ModalsDiscussing technological advancementsArtificial Intelligence, data privacy
Outdoor and Adventure“Wish” and “Hope” in complex tensesDiscussing outdoor activities and adventuresAdventure sports, survival skills
Gourmet and Fine DiningTag QuestionsDescribing and critiquing foodGourmet vocabulary, culinary reviews
High FashionIndirect SpeechDiscussing fashion trends and critiquesFashion terminology, designer names
Modern and Classic ArtsReported QuestionsArt critique and historyArt periods, critique vocabulary
Environmental Studies“So” and “Such”Discussing environmental issuesRenewable energy, conservation
Advanced Time ManagementFuture in the PastDiscussing past plans and their outcomesProject management terms
Public and Private TransitRelative Clauses (restrictive and non-restrictive)Discussing transit policiesPublic policy terms, types of vehicles
Film and LiteraturePast Perfect ContinuousDiscussing plot and character developmentLiterary terms, film genres
Personal DevelopmentDouble ComparativesSelf-assessment and personal growthPersonality traits, self-help terms
Global Social IssuesActive vs. Passive voiceDebating social and global issuesPolitical terminology, social issues

Final Project

Prepare and deliver a detailed presentation in English on a topic of your choice, showcasing your advanced language skills in structuring arguments, presenting ideas, and engaging with complex subjects.

Course Features

  • Advanced exercises for in-depth language understanding
  • High-quality audio and video materials for comprehensive listening and speaking practice
  • Challenging quizzes to test and solidify your advanced skills
  • A final project that demands the application of high-level English proficiency
  • Full accessibility on mobile and desktop devices



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Everyday English Elementary FAQ

The Everyday English Elementary course is an excellent choice for beginners over the age of 12. Its content is tailored to be accessible and engaging, making it ideal for individuals starting their English learning journey.

Getting started is simple. Just enroll in the course on our platform,, and you can begin learning immediately at your own pace.

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