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Master the Language of Your Career.

Learn job-specific English tailored to your field. Our industry-aware AI tutor guides every step of the way.

Grow Your Career and English Skills Together

Whether you’re a student stepping into the professional world, a working professional aiming for higher prospects, or someone seeking global opportunities, we tailor English learning to your career path.

Identify Your Career Path

Choose courses aligned with your professional goals.

Engage with Your AI Tutor

Receive personalized instruction and feedback, anytime, anywhere.

Utilize Our Career-Centric Tools

Access groups, forums, and job search assistance to propel your career forward.

Industry-Specific AI Tutoring

It’s more than just feedback. Our AI understands the language of your field, tailoring practice, simulations, and challenges accordingly.

Learn the English That Will Make You More Money

Unlock global opportunities, higher-paying positions, and greater earning power with industry-fluent English.

All-in-One English Learning Experience

Embark on a language learning adventure that’s as unique as you are. Discover, grow, and connect at Languagehood.


Immerse in tailored courses. Learn with AI and expert teachers.


Apply your skills in real-world scenarios. Practice makes perfect.


Join our global community. Share experiences and grow together.

Stop Wasting Time on Generic English

Generic courses leave you unprepared for real-world career conversations. Languagehood gets you fluent where it matters.

Courses Designed for Real-world Application

From casual conversations to business negotiations, our thematic courses cover it all. Learn at your pace, practice in real-time, and engage with a global community.

Connect. Collaborate. Celebrate.

Dive into forums, join clubs, and make meaningful connections. At Languagehood, every lesson is a chance to be part of something bigger.


Join dynamic forums. Discuss, ask, and explore ideas in a global community.


Discover clubs that spark your interest. Connect, share, and enjoy learning together.


Instantly connect with peers and teachers for quick chats and collaborative learning.

Real Tutors, Real Results

Our teachers are more than just fluent English speakers; they are certified educators with a passion for teaching and a track record of real results. Each one brings a wealth of educational background and practical teaching experience.


See How Languagehood Empowers Real Professionals

Languagehood isn’t just theory – here’s how career-driven learners like you achieve results:

Data Specialist, TR
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I wonder why I couldn't solve my English problems before, even though it was so easy here. The quality of the lessons and especially the flexible hours were very useful to me.
Lawyer, TR
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A relevant and high-quality course that runs smoothly and gives you value for money.
Operations Manager, TR
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Learning English with Languagehood is really enjoyable. The teachers are very experienced and the lessons are entirely centered around the student. I definitely recommend it to everyone!

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