Learn the English of Your Industry

Upgrade your team’s English communication skills with job-specific language training tailored to your industry.

Tailored Training for Real-World Impact

Boost productivity and performance with industry-specific language courses designed for immediate application.

Industry-Specific Courses

Equip your employees with language skills that directly impact their job roles. 

AI Coaching

Experience the future of training with our AI-driven language coaching. 

Real-World Content

Engage your team with dynamic, real-world lessons. 

General English Is Not Enough for Professionals

Equip Your Team with the Skills They Need

Generic English training doesn’t cut it in the professional world. Our AI-powered platform delivers industry-specific language skills that professionals can use immediately.

Manage Your Organization

Manage everything related to your organization from a single dashboard.

Manage Your Organization

Get Detailed User Reports

Get Organization-Wide Reports

Add Team Members

Assign Team Leaders

Unlock Your Organization's Communication Potential

Transform Your Workforce with Languagehood

Enhance your employees’ language skills to drive business success with Languagehood’s tailored coaching.

Empower Future Leaders with Languagehood

Prepare your university students with the language skills needed for success in their chosen fields with Languagehood’s tailored coaching.

Elevate Your Candidates
with Languagehood

Boost your candidates’ employability with the language skills they need for success through Languagehood’s tailored coaching.

Languagehood is your
language training partner

Equip your educational institute with the language skills your students need to excel in their specific fields with Languagehood’s tailored AI coaching.

Ready to Elevate Your Team’s Communication Skills?

Transform your team’s communication skills with Languagehood’s AI-powered, industry-specific training. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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