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Terms and Conditions

Last Updated On 23-Nov-2023
Effective Date 24-Nov-2023

The Membership Conditions made by you will be kept by us from the date of establishment until the end of the legal retention period after your membership ends. During your membership with Languagehood, you are expected to use your Meeting Rights primarily within the scope of the Membership Terms. Therefore, please review these terms carefully.

By accepting these Terms, the user accepts that he/she can benefit from Languagehood with the approval of his/her parent/guardian since he/she is under 18 years of age.

Languagehood Membership and Terms of Use

The subject of these Membership Terms is to determine the services offered within Languagehood, the conditions for benefiting from these services, and the rights and obligations of the parties.


Languagehood Platform: Languagehood, with the infrastructure it provides, connects teachers who provide English education services independently with students who want to receive educational consultancy services, enables students to take online lessons with teachers individually or in groups, with animations, course materials, activities and studies uploaded to the platform. It aims to support students’ English education.

Member Student: Refers to students who have registered for membership on the Languagehood platform.

If the Member Student is under the age of 18, he/she is deemed to be a party to the Languagehood Membership Terms with the approval of his/her parent/guardian. Otherwise, Languagehood will not be held responsible and the invalidity of the membership will not be claimed on this basis.

Right to Meeting: It refers to the Member Student’s right to use each meeting he/she will have with the Application Instructors online and via video.

Market: The section where meeting packages are available for Member Student to purchase meeting rights.

Content: It refers to all kinds of media, including, but not limited to, audio, animation, text and others within the Languagehood platform.

Personal Data: It refers to all kinds of information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person, as defined in the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.

(Personal Data processed during membership and use of Languagehood is included in the Languagehood Disclosure Text in detail and in detail.)


The aim of Languagehood is to bring students together with teachers who provide English education services in online lessons, to increase their language skills by participating in classes individually or in groups, and to ensure that they enjoy learning English; To support students’ English education with animations, course materials, activities and studies uploaded to the platform.


By becoming a Languagehood user or purchasing a package from the Languagehood market, the Member Student obtains the Right to Meet as determined in the purchased package.

2.1. Instructor Meetings

• Each meeting with the instructors is limited to 50 minutes in individual meetings and 45 minutes in group lessons. Breaks taken to prevent lesson efficiency from decreasing are not included in the periods specified above.

• It is recommended that the Student Member’s camera is on during the meetings in order to increase efficiency. Member Student can view the image of the Instructor from whom he took the course at any time.

• Member Student, the information he/she provided during membership and the conversations he/she made; Knows that images and audio recordings are recorded within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, Application Information Text and Privacy Conditions.

• Sessions are subject to availability of Tutors and Languagehood cannot guarantee that a particular Tutor will be available within the requested time frame.

• To give feedback or make a complaint about the instructor You can notify Languagehood officials at.


3.1. Student Member acknowledges and agrees that Languagehood is not an education service provider but merely provides an online platform that brings together instructors and students. At this point, Member Student acknowledges that instructors are independent contractors who use the Platform to provide Educational Services to students and operate as an independent business enterprise; Acknowledges and acknowledges that Languagehood has no responsibility or control regarding the scope, nature, nature, character, timing or location of work or services performed by the Instructor.

3.2. Member Student acknowledges that only he/she can exercise the access rights regarding the package he/she purchased from the market; He/she accepts and declares that if it is determined that unauthorized persons, whose membership is not defined, are using Languagehood, the Instructor meetings will not take place or his/her Membership may be suspended.

3.3. Within the scope of this agreement, the Member Student is expected not to sabotage the lesson, to avoid behavior that may distract other students and to act in accordance with the rules during the lesson. Otherwise, it is assumed that the Member Student has violated the Terms of Use and the Agreement.

3.4. It is important for the Student Member to attend the meetings on time in order to ensure that the efficiency is not reduced and that the instructors and other students are not kept waiting. In this context, if the Member Student is more than 15 minutes late for the meeting, he/she is considered not to have attended that class. This course, which is considered not attended due to the student’s late attendance, is not repeated and is deducted from the purchased package.

3.5. Member Student hereby agrees to monitor or record the Sessions he or she attends, including their images; copy and use such recordings to provide the Service for purposes including but not limited to instructor evaluation, dispute resolution, and improvement of the Platform, provide such recordings to other Session parties, such as the Student or the Student’s parents, use or share such recordings to the extent required by Languagehood pursuant to legal process, and allows these records to be used in different ways that you agree with.

3.6. Member Student acknowledges and agrees that the platform and instructors do not make any promises or commitments; He/she understands and accepts that Languagehood does not promise any success or outcome. Languagehood is not responsible in any way for the Platform not conforming to the Member Student’s subjective expectations and for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to these reasons.

3.7. Due to the Member Student’s action or action contrary to the Terms, Languagehood has the right to terminate the use of his/her access rights or membership, terminate the packages he/she has purchased, and close or restrict the Member Student’s access to the platform.

3.8. In group lessons, the trial period starts on the day the Member Student takes his or her first trial lesson and lasts for 1 week, for a total of 2 lessons. In individual meetings, the trial period starts on the day the Member Student takes his or her first trial lesson and lasts for 1 day, for a total of 1 lesson. If the user requests a refund, he/she is obliged to notify Languagehood officials of this request within 14 days, including the trial period.

3.9. Languagehood has the right to make changes to this agreement at any time. The new contract resulting from the changes made is sent to the Member Student’s e-mail address defined in the system and becomes valid when the Member Student accepts the new conditions. If the Student Member does not accept the new terms, Languagehood may cancel this Agreement and your use of the Platform.

3.10. If the Member Student uses Languagehood for an illegal purpose or in a way that violates Languagehood’s intellectual and industrial rights; He accepts and declares that all kinds of legal and criminal legal remedies may be taken against him.

3.11. If any provision in this Agreement is held invalid, such provision will not in any way invalidate or otherwise affect any other terms in this Agreement, which will remain in full force and effect.


4.1. The meeting right assigned to the Member Student’s account with the Languagehood training package ends when the relevant training package ends.

4.2. The meeting rights within the scope of the training package purchased from the Languagehood market must be used by the Member Student within the period specified in the package.

4.3. At the end of the specified usage periods, unused calling rights are deleted from the Student Member’s account and become unusable. If the Student Member does not exercise his rights until the end of the period, no refund will be made.



Work Subject to License (“WORK”):

On the Languagehood platform ( or in the training packages, any content transmitted from Trainers to Users; All elements that constitute Languagehood components, including but not limited to audio, text, video, animation, presentation, graphics, design, technical information, idea, interface, flow, algorithm, software modules, program source and object codes, technical specifications. It is considered a WORK within the scope of the terms.

User: refers to all Users who are members of Languagehood or platform explorers.


5.1. ESER is protected by all applicable legislation, and these Membership Terms and Terms of Use do not transfer any financial or moral rights arising from ESER to the User; A non-exclusive usage license within the scope of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works is granted for personal, non-commercial use only, as long as Languagehood membership continues.

5.2. Languagehood expressly reserves all rights regarding the WORK that these Membership Terms do not grant to the Member Student.


6.1. Using Languagehood requires internet access. Issues such as the provision, quality and security of the internet connection are the responsibility of the Student Member.

6.2. The electronic device used to conduct instructor interviews must have a microphone and camera. For this reason, the Member Student is responsible for issues such as meeting the microphone and camera requirements, the quality and operation of the microphone/camera.

6.3. In order for a Student Member to exercise his right to meet, he must first register as a member of the platform and enter the necessary information. It is not possible to use the platform without the information provided during member registration. At this stage, it is important for the Member Student to confirm the accuracy of his information in terms of Languagehood’s functionality and the scope of the service provided.

6.4. Access to the instructor meetings provided by the platform is carried out through the link directed to the phone number and e-mail address provided in the information provided by the Member Student when registering.

6.5. It is not possible to use the platform on more than one device at the same time. User-specific links that allow access to courses are sent to the phone number and e-mail address registered in the Member Student’s membership account. If the Student Member changes his phone number or e-mail address, he must notify Languagehood officials of this change and request the change. Otherwise, the phone number registered in the membership account remains valid.


7.1. The use of ESER is a limited right of use granted only to the Member Student under the conditions specified in these Membership Terms; It is outside the scope of use in public areas such as schools, classrooms, auxiliary courses, private lessons, or for use by non-Member Students. Such behavior constitutes a violation of Languagehood’s copyrights arising from the WORK.

7.2. Student Members who give or share with others the link, confirmation code and similar information that provide access to the services provided by the platform, accept and declare that Languagehood is responsible for any damages resulting from this.

7.3. The Member Student, who is granted the limited right to use the Platform, accepts and declares that he/she will not reproduce, disseminate, redistribute the work, use it to provide commercial services, create a new work using the work, process the work, or cover any trademark or notice on the work.

7.4. Member Student who reproduces, copies, publishes or distributes visual materials, presentations, sounds, videos, animations and all kinds of media, including, but not limited to, the content of the interviews and messages held within the scope of Languagehood, in the same or quoted form, in any media. has legal and criminal liability.


8.1. Student Members using the Platform cannot claim Languagehood’s liability based on their ignorance of these Membership Terms and Conditions of Use. By electronically approving these Terms, the Student Member is deemed to be aware of the scope of use of the platform. At this stage, if the Member Student has limited capacity; It is assumed that the Student Member has been given valid and lawful permission by his/her parent/guardian to become a party to these Terms. Languagehood is not responsible for any claims to the contrary, and the Member Student will be responsible for all damages caused by Languagehood.

8.2. Languagehood shall not be liable for any hardware or operating system malfunction; cannot be held responsible for information and software losses resulting from communication network design and connection errors, voltage fluctuations and power outages, virus infection and similar environmental factors and user errors.

8.3. Member Student, in case the service is disrupted or cannot be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, or war, acts of terrorism, or due to reasons beyond Languagehood’s control, which may occur in elements based on network communication infrastructure such as internet infrastructure and data lines, Languagehood may not be responsible for any service. He accepts that he will not have any responsibility.

8.4. Member Student cannot claim any compensation or any other claim from Languagehood, claiming that his system has suffered any damage due to using or downloading the paid content services he has received, or that his system has been infected with malicious codes such as viruses due to the downloaded content.


9.1. Payments are made through a third-party payment system (such as Iyzico, PayTR). All terms and conditions for payments are governed by the relevant agreements between you and the third-party payment system.

9.2. Languagehood may offer the Member Student the option to enroll in a payment plan (“Payment Plan”) under which a specified amount will be charged to the Member Student’s account on a monthly basis (or as otherwise specified). By signing up for a Payment Plan and sharing your payment account information with Languagehood, the User agrees to pay the specified amount on a recurring basis within the relevant periods. If the User signs up for a Payment Plan, the first of the recurring payments will be credited to the account on the date the User signs up for the Payment Plan; The Payment Plan will then be reflected on the account on a recurring basis until terminated by the User or Languagehood.

9.3. The User can access payment date information for the Payment Plan from his account. In some cases, the payment date may change, for example, if the payment via the payment method is not successful or if the Payment Plan starts on a day not in the relevant month. If payment cannot be made due to expiration of maturity, insufficient funds, or other reasons, the User’s access to the Platform may be suspended by Languagehood until payment is successfully made with a valid payment method.

9.4. If the user requests a refund, he/she is obliged to notify Languagehood officials of this request within 14 days, including the trial period.


In case of a dispute arising from these Membership Terms and Terms of Use, Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices will have jurisdiction. Payments are made through a third-party payment system (such as Iyzico, PayTR). All terms and conditions for payments are governed by your relevant agreements with the third-party payment system, as applicable.


These Membership Terms and Conditions of Use will enter into force with all their terms and conditions if read and approved electronically by the Member Student. The Member Student has read and approved the Terms, knowing this matter.

A copy of the above Terms will be saved to be kept by the Member Student within the Platform.

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