Partner with Languagehood to Elevate Your Offerings


At Languagehood, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our partnerships enable businesses, educational institutions, and organizations to offer our industry-specific language training solutions to their users, adding significant value and enhancing their existing offerings.

Why Partner with Languagehood?

Expand Your

Integrate our AI-powered language training into your existing services.

Enhance User Experience

Provide your users with tailored language training that boosts their communication skills.

Flexible Partnership Models

Choose a partnership model that suits your business needs.

Partnership Models

Integrated Training Solutions

Partner with us to incorporate Languagehood’s courses into your existing curriculum or service offerings.

A software academy includes our Software English courses in their program, offering students specialized language training.

Reseller Partnership

Become a reseller of Languagehood’s training solutions, offering our courses directly to your clients and earning a commission.

A professional training provider resells our industry-specific language courses to their corporate clients.

Co-Branded Programs

Develop co-branded language training programs that combine your brand with Languagehood’s expertise.

A hospitality management school collaborates with us to create a co-branded Hospitality English program.

Affiliate Partnership

Promote Languagehood’s training solutions through your network and earn a referral fee for each new client.

An industry association refers its members to Languagehood and earns a commission for each new user who signs up.

Bundle Offerings

Include Languagehood’s courses as part of a larger service package, enhancing the value of your offerings.

A business consultancy firm includes our Business English training as part of their executive coaching packages.

Benefits of Partnering with Languagehood

AI-Powered Personalization

Offer personalized training paths that adapt to each user’s needs.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Access a wide range of industry-specific language courses.

Proven Impact

Enhance your users’ communication skills, leading to better performance and satisfaction.

Revenue Sharing

Benefit from flexible revenue-sharing models that grow with your business.

Join the growing network of Languagehood partners

Leverage Languagehood’s AI-powered language training to enhance your services and drive success.

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