Here is a table summarizing the different English tenses, their uses, and examples for each

Present SimpleHabitual actions, general truthsShe writes every day.
Present ContinuousActions happening now or future planned eventsShe is writing a novel right now.
Present PerfectActions at unspecified times with present consequenceShe has written three novels.
Present Perfect ContinuousActions begun in the past & continuing, emphasizing durationShe has been writing for five hours.
Past SimpleCompleted past actions with definite timeShe wrote a novel last year.
Past ContinuousOngoing past actions often interruptedShe was writing a novel when I called her.
Past PerfectActions completed before another action in the pastShe had written two chapters before lunch.
Past Perfect ContinuousActions ongoing in the past up to another action, emphasizing durationShe had been writing all morning before the meeting started.
Future SimplePredictions, promises, or decisions about the futureShe will write a novel one day.
Future ContinuousOngoing actions at a specific future timeShe will be writing a novel this time next year.
Future PerfectActions to be completed by a certain future timeShe will have written a novel by the end of the year.
Future Perfect ContinuousActions that will be ongoing up to a point in the future, emphasizing durationShe will have been writing for ten years by the end of this year.
Tenses Table

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